Swansea till I die
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Post  AberdareJack Wed Nov 05, 2008 11:05 am

Welcome to 'Swansea till I die' a new forum for all followers of Swansea City Football Club. Before posting for the first time or joining, please take the time to read the following guidelines to make your visits and interaction on this site as smooth and trouble free as possible.

Code of conduct

Three strikes and you're out!
Abusive language towards other forum members will not be tolerated and warnings will be made to the individual who abuses this rule. If 3 warnings are made then the individual concerned will be banned permanently.

Sexual/Racial Abuse
Posts/Topics showing racial/sexual abuse or post showing support of football related violence will also not be tolerated. Any member guilty of doing so will be banned permanently without warning.

Spam will be removed immediately and IP's blacklisted. If you are thinking of doing this then please don't bother wasting your time.

Be nice!
Banter is acceptable - it is football after all! But please bear in mind when posting as one individual may not take a joke the same way as yourself! - Use emoticons to demonstrate that you are being tongue in cheek! ;)
Also, when a new member joins - please make them welcome :D
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