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Post  AberdareJack on Fri Dec 19, 2008 6:21 am

Will be here sometime between christmas and new year (after Im over the flu and have finished work) It will however, be the last one ever as i think I could not possibly top last years effort
(For those who didn't see it - it involved a Charles Dickens' christmas carol type scenario with the grim reaper turning up at Kennys door showing him the error of his ways and what the future held for him which in this case meant selling burgers outside a non league football ground if he didn't change his ways and football vision. After pleading with the grim reaper that he would get Millwall to pass the ball and play it beautifull, a changed but very scared Kenny is set free - Millwall storm the up league playing like Brazil. The grim reaper on the other hand, unmasks himself and reveals himself as none other than Roberto Martinez whose final words are "That will teach the bastard!")

Watch this space............
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